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The Magician's Wardrobe

Fibre Artwear Hats & Costume Couture

Fibre Art Supplies

2a Victoria Avenue


Isle of Wight

PO37 6PQ

Please contact me for opening hours or to make an appointment 


Hand felted wool hats in glorious variety of colour & shape


Handspun art yarns crafted for bespoke work & spun to order


Crochet art yarn headwear & accessories; PDF patterns coming soon


A selection of recent projects

ombre red topper
wig photoshoot
rainbow beanie


Innerspiral is a fibre art studio on the Isle of Wight, run by myself, Zara. But everybody calls me Catface.

Established in my bedroom in 2010, Innerspiral has travelled through 9 different spaces before finally being established as a tiny little studio-shop on the Isle of Wight in 2019. Creating using wool fibres and a variety of techniues, including wet felting, needle felting, art yarn spinning, crochet, and more. I dye all my own wools as well as washing and processing a fair bit of locally sourced fleece, mainly for the wonderful curls with which I adorn my work. All my patterns and designs are my own originals, cultivated over years of perfectionism and downright obsession. Almost entirely self taught, many techniques I use for my craft are my own, developed over years of trial, error and success!

I am best known for my colourful hats. Top hats, super tall top hats, trilbies, ‘wanderers’, wizards, beanies... felted or crochet art yarn, hats of all shapes, colour and size! I am not restricted to hat blocks and so each hat I create is utterly one of a kind.

As an artist, I of course refuse to be restricted to just one thing so I also create a wealth of other things, some super serious, others quirky, funky and fun! I make wigs, headpieces, corset waistcoats, scarves, and all sorts of other accessories. I am also involved in creating a fibre art jungle.... but that’s another story!

I make to custom order but I balance this with following my creative muse... It took me years to carve out space for this, but it is essential to me. Otherwise. Burnout.... By allowing myself to find time to make the things I am inspired to create, as well as the things others inspire me to make, I truly believe my art has evolved and become what I have always hoped it would, more and more. I always have new things to learn, places to grow, new avenues to discover this way! *The Flow Is Everything* as an artistic acquaintance said to me recently!

So. Hats are not made quickly, but they are worth the wait with the hours of love and attention I pour into their creation. You receive a one of a kind, bespoke hat created just for you. I call them hats for life. Treated with care, they will be. I also run a hat MOT service.

But yes, every now and then I release my creations of inspiration into the world, in mini collections. Join the mailing list to be in the know when Ready to Ship pieces are released and to receive general updates and inside info into my experiments in techniques! Email me

xXx With Gratitude xXx


Join the mailing list to be in the know when Ready to Ship pieces are released!

My hand dyed wools, fleece curls and firestar sparkle are all available for purchase, as are the handspun art yarns. Please email directly.

PDF patterns and video tutorials coming soon! Please join the mailing list to keep updated.

I run workshops from time to time in felted hat making. To book a place or invite me to run a workshop at your venue or event, please email.


Beat the waiting list! Come and make your own. Felted hat workshops run throughout the year. Find more information here.



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